Familiar Faces in New Roles

Familiar Faces in New Roles

As you may be aware, in the spring Kristi Grasty announced her plans to return to a role near and dear to her heart - Assistant Principal at LGHS.  Kristi has served LGHS since 1996  in a variety of capacities, most recently as Principal, and had chosen to return to the AP role to give her an opportunity to focus on her family and further her education through a doctoral program. I want to personally thank Kristi for her devotion to LGHS and for continuing to lead LGHS through the summer until we found the right successor - and we did...


When Kristi announced her plans, we conducted a search and interviews for a new Principal for LGHS, but ultimately didn’t feel we found the right leader for LGHS.  Based upon this, I chose to pursue an interim principal for the 2020-21 school year. We are incredibly fortunate that we had a perfect candidate for an Interim Principal in our own backyard. I am pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Paul Robinson will assume the role of Principal on an interim basis for the 2020-21 school year.  Paul retired in June of 2019 after serving for seven successful years as the Principal of Saratoga HS. Prior to becoming SHS Principal, Paul was a high school principal in the San Diego area for six years, and also taught middle school and high school English, Spanish, ESL, and PE classes prior to beginning his career as an administrator.  He brings a total of 40 years of experience as a teacher and high school administrator and holds a  B.A. in Literature from Point Loma College and a Masters in Educational Leadership from National University.  


Throughout his career, Paul has been known for his work ethic, strong character, and his ability to build trusting relationships and positive school culture. He has led efforts resulting in increased student achievement and opportunities for all students.  I can’t speak about Paul without noting his consistent visibility on campus, connectedness to the students, staff, and community, and his humility.  He is committed to meeting the social-emotional and academic needs of all students, challenging and supporting each individual to reach their potential, and establishing a safe, respectful environment for all members of our school community.   He notes the importance of “modeling character and commitment to our local neighborhoods and global society to grow every student to become contributing, conscientious, and civil citizens.”  


Since his retirement in June 2019, Paul has spent time with his family: his wife Robin, an elementary  principal in Cupertino, their daughter, and their three grandchildren.  In addition, Paul continued to support our students as our district’s Community Service Coordinator.  Paul told me that now that he’s completed the lengthy “honey-do” list awaiting him upon his retirement, he was looking for a new challenge and he is very excited to become a Wildcat and part of the Los Gatos community.  I believe that Paul’s deep experience, ability to build strong, trusting relationships, familiarity with our community and district, and his calm and steady leadership make him an ideal Interim Principal for Los Gatos in the midst of so much uncertainty. I know Paul has been an SHS Falcon, but I hope that all of you will welcome him warmly into the Wildcat Family - at least after you’re done giving him grief about being a Falcon!

And, as we cntinue to organize our administrative team for the coming year, current LGHS Assistant Principal Brian Thompson will return to Saratoga HS as Assistant Principal. Brian has served the district since 2015, first as an Assistant Principal at SHS and more recently at LGHS.  Brian’s flexibility, moving from SHS to LGHS and now back to SHS, reflects his willingness to do what’s best for the team, and I thank him for his flexibility.


Please join me in welcoming and thanking Paul, Kristi, and Brian as they embrace their new roles and the communities they serve!


Michael Grove, Ed.D.

LGSUHSD Superintendent