Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community,

On Tuesday, June 30th, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (PHD) released guidance regarding reopening schools in August. Below you will find a link to the guidance document PHD produced regarding their reopening guidance. LGSUHSD staff will review this guidance in order to update and refine our district reopening plan with the goal of sharing this plan with students, staff, and families by mid-July. Based upon the current PHD guidance, we can share the following:

  • Based upon current restrictions, we do not see a viable scenario under which we reopen school in August in a “normal” way with all students and staff returning to school at the same time. Our goal is to return to a normal schedule and experience as soon as the community health conditions and restrictions allow.
  • Given this, we will reopen under one of three scenarios:
  • Continuation with an enhanced fully online remote learning model
  •  A phased model which initially has targeted groups of students returning to school for limited in-person instruction while all others would engage in remote learning. This may entail high-need students returning to campus for limited in-person instruction and support and/or may include certain courses with greater need for in-person “hands on” activities providing in-person instruction just for those courses while other courses may provide online learning only.
  •  A blended/hybrid model which has smaller groups of students return to school for more limited time in staggered cohort groups - with a third or half of the student body on campus at any given time. Under this scenario, students would come to school for in-person instruction for one or two days per week and would stay home at other times to complete work online/independently. 

PHD did not provide guidance for the resumption of school-affiliated athletics. They are attempting to coordinate this guidance with CIF and will provide guidance on this in the coming weeks. Until then, the status of school sports teams is unknown but resumption of sports requiring close contact and events in front of spectators are very unlikely.

It is important to note that the model under which we reopen in August is just that - an initial reopening model. With school reopened, we will then adapt our model over time based upon community health conditions and guidance - moving toward a more normal model if conditions allow or moving into a fully online model if conditions require.

While there is still some uncertainty around school reopening, we will refine our reopening plan and will share this with our community when it is completed. I also want to acknowledge that given the dynamic nature of our community health conditions, it is entirely possible (likely even) that the guidelines for reopening schools may change between now and August which may, in turn, necessitate a change to our plans. We need to remain flexible and adaptable and will keep you updated as additional information becomes available. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying some rest and relaxation this summer despite our unusual circumstances.

Link to SCCPHD School Reopening Guidance Document

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