AB 104 - Grade Change Options

At 5:29 pm last night, September 28th, we received a letter from State Superintendent Thurmond re: extending the deadline to submit grade change to Pass/No Pass (AB 104). While Mr. Thurmond extended the deadline to October 1st (Friday), he did give Local Educational Agencies the ability to extend that date.

In consultation with Dr. Grove, we will extend the deadline to October 15th to give our families more time. Linked here is the document that must be completed and emailed to 
ydamico@lgsuhsd.org by October 15th. In addition, you will find further information re: AB 104 on the CDE website by clicking here.

Heath Rocha, Assistant Superintendent, Student Services

Additional Resources:

AB 104 Fact Sheet

Postsecondary educational institutions in CA that will accept P/NP grades.