Technology Advisory Committee


Evaluating the current status of the technology infrastructure and education technology systems in the district.


This committee will provide advice on the district’s technology goals and strategies including an update of the roadmap of the technology capital projects to be completed as part of the Measure E bond program.

  1. Advise on the process and procedures for capital project expenditures related to EdTech and technology infrastructure based on identified needs or district initiatives.
  2. Advise on the development of a multi-year strategic plan specific to technology hardware and infrastructure replacements and upgrades.
  3. Identify and advise on trends in educational technology systems to maintain attainable and supportive educational technology system growth.



Sept 27, 2021 3pm - 4pm Agenda
Dec 8, 2021 3pm - 4pm Agenda tbd
 March 1, 2022 3pm - 4pm Agenda tbd
May 16, 2022 3pm - 4pm Agenda tbd


Julie Grenier, Director of Technology Peter Hertan, LGSUHSD Board Member Brian Thompson, SHS Asst Principal Matt Lipford, Senior Computer Specialist Kathy Granger, LGHS Parent and NMF Paddy Wong, SHS parent Craig Russell, Community Member Eric Cao, Community Member  Darrell Miller, Community Member, SHSF board Ryland Goldman, LGHS Student Ethan Zuo, SHS Student Aidan Dadgar, LGHS Student Aiden Ye, SHS Student Arman Eslami Dehkordi, LGHS Student Tanuj Siripurapu, SHS Student Adam Minyard, LGHS Teacher Augustina Matsui, LGHS Teacher Raquel Kirby, Classified Staff Kristofer Orre, SHS Teacher Mariam Fan, SHS Teacher Larry Jens, Classified Staff (District IT)