Bell Schedule Evaluation - 2019 -2020

Bell Schedule Evaluation

Purpose: To design and implement the process used to solicit input, analyze the data, and make recommendations to the larger Bell Schedule Committee. 

Bell Schedule FAQ 

Our 2015-16 Schedule Advisory Committee did extensive research and sought input from our parents, students and community to develop the desired outcomes of our school bell schedule. The district values the work and dedication of this original group and will continue to support the desired outcomes of the SAC Schedule Recommendation as we modify our current bell schedule to comply with instructional minute regulations and new legislation.


We invited all stakeholders to a Bell Schedule Stakeholder Community Forum on Tuesday June 2, 2020. Community members were able to participate and provide feedback and questions during the presentation. 

We also sent a survey to all stakeholders directly after the presentation. This survey included links to the presentation slide deck and our Bell Schedule webpage including FAQ. The survey asked stakeholders for their input on several bell options.

The next step in our process is to hand over the final input and recommendations to our Superintendent for a final decision. That decision will be shared with the Board of Trustees and a joint announcement will be made.

We would like to personally thank the members of the Bell Schedule Evaluation (BSE) Planning Group and the Bell Schedule Committee (BSC)  for their time and commitment to this process.


Bell Schedule Committee (BSC) Purpose

The BSC will consider information gathered during the bell schedule evaluation process and make a recommendation to the Superintendent regarding a possible revision to the existing bell schedule within the identified parameters. Any revision to the current bell schedule must be in compliance with all legal requirements, with district requirements, and in consultation with employee groups.

Bell Schedule Committee Composition

This group will be broadly representative of stakeholders (Certificated, Classified, Admin, Students, Parents, Board).  The BSC will consist of the following members:

  • 9 BSE members (Carrie Bosco, Julie Grenier, Adam Minyard, Greg Louie, Amy Obenour, Alinna Satake, KC Cochran, Rick Ellis, Jen Young)
  • 2 Board members
  • Mike Grove, Superintendent
  • 4 parents
  • 4 students
  • 4 additional teachers 
  • 2 Classified representatives

The Bell Schedule Committee convened on May 12 and on May 20, 2020 to consider, identify and share out pros, cons and questions regarding proposed draft bell schedules. The committee focused on bell schedule parameters and the various aspects that go into a compliant schedule. This committee is advisory and will make recommendations to the Superintendent for his consideration.


Thank you to all of the stakeholders who participated in our input sessions on January 30 and February 6, 2020 to give feedback on sample schedules. 

Thank you to all the parents, students and staff who attended our Stakeholder Input Sessions which were held on Nov 7, Nov 14 and Nov 15, 2019. 

We asked our stakeholders these questions:

1. In what important ways does our current bell schedule work well (for students, for parents, for staff)?

2. What important needs are not being addressed well by our current bell schedule (for students, for parents, for staff)?

3. If we were to modify one thing about our current bell schedule what do you think it should be?

4. Our Governor signed a bill into law requiring that high schools adopt 8:30 start times. What do you think the potential impact of this would be at our school?

5. What question(s) do you need answered?

Members of Bell Schedule Evaluation planning group:

Carrie Bosco - Associate Superintendent

Greg Louie - Saratoga HS Principal

Adam Minyard - Los Gatos HS Asst. Principal

Amy Obenour - DTA President,  SHS Teacher

Alinna Satake - SHS Guidance Dept Chair

KC Cochran - LGHS Guidance Dept Chair

Rick Ellis - SHS Teacher

Jen Young - LGHS Teacher

Julie Grenier- Manager of Information Services

Bell Schedule Timeline