District Honorees

Congratulations and Thank You!!!!!

Congratulations to Jennifer Young, LGHS (Teacher of the Year), Octavio Escobedo, SHS (Classified Employee of the Year), Kelly Brezoczky, LGHS and Sarah Hung, SHS (Volunteers of the Year)

Jennifer Young, Teacher of the Year:  I cannot think of aJennifer Young more deserving educator to recognize as Teacher of the Year than Los Gatos High School Math Teacher and Math Department Chairperson Jennifer Young.  Jen is an impressive teacher leader and an outstanding math educator who treats everyone with humanity and heart and steadfastly keeps the learning and success of students first and foremost.  Jen has impressively led her department toward refining mathematics course pathways and curriculum to ensure that we do not have gaps in supporting student learning for both high-achieving math students and students for whom math tends to be challenging.  Under Jen's leadership the math department at LGHS has created additional classes to ensure that students strengthen their math foundation--endeavoring to support students so they continue to persist along the math pathway.  Jen is a fantastic collaborator with her co-teacher in a class she spearheaded and designed called Applied Math. Jennifer Young is a reflective practitioner and looks at data to identify support strategies that can be utilized to assist students.

Her peers shared: “Jen Young is a force of nature. She is joyful and caring with her students and colleagues, she treats everyone with humanity and heart, and she knows her math. She has done a fantastic job as the math department chair, as the department moved to increased collaboration. She has found a balance between empowering colleagues and leading them. Jen always makes the lives of those around her a little bit brighter and we are so thankful! Jen goes the extra mile to make sure that every student has equal opportunity and equal access to our math courses. She will meet with families to offer support at the drop of the hat, she champions not only students, but her colleagues as well. She is the first to go to bat for a fellow teacher, and works tirelessly in her role of Math Department Chair. Jen's positivity it unmatched. We would not be where we are today without her.”

Octavio EscobedoOctavio Escobedo, Classified Employee of the Year:  Octavio has been working as a custodian at Saratoga High School for the past 17 years. Two years ago Octavio earned the position of evening lead custodian. This lead custodial position is a very demanding one. Evening campus facility concerns that arise within our 40 acre site falls into the capable and willing hands of Octavio. Whether it be a sporting event needing help with stadium lights or scoreboard issues or a serious plumbing leak Octavio does his best to resolve the issue at hand. His scope of responsibilities and willingness to help others at night is extensive.

In addition to supervising and cleaning the campus buildings at night, Octavio play an important role in providing oversight and security for the campus. He responds to security and fire protection relatedalarms and contacts the Sherriff’s Department when situations warrant additional security. His judgement in doing so has always been excellent.

Octavio loves his job and appreciates the support from the administrative and teaching staff. The contributions that Octavio and our custodial staff make every day are essential in preparing a healthy environment in which learning can take place. Octavio is thankful that he is an important part of this endeavor and our school community greatly appreciates his efforts.

Volunteers of the Year

Kelly Brezoczky has been an incredible supporter of LosKelly Brezoczky Gatos High School since the moment her oldest daughter Emma came to the school in 2013. Kelly has been an active and influential board member of the New Millennium Foundation ever since coming to LGHS. She has served as the NMF Grants Chairperson, and the past two years has served as the President of the Foundation. This year NMF has raised the most money it ever has in its history -- over $600,000 in the 2019-20 school year. All of the donations are granted in the year raised to support so many of our classes and programs. Kelly's strong leadership has led to increased, generous funding toward innovative programs and services at LGHS, such as Advanced Science Research, Robotics, Electives, the Music program, the Weight Room upgrade, cafeteria enhancements, and many more. In addition, Kelly volunteers routinely in our Guidance Office, at Wildcat Days, and various other school events, including those led by our Home and School Club. She has helped with graduation seating and helps put together the Wildcat Lynx, a monthly communication sent to all parents. I could go on and on about how intelligent, generous, dependable, thoughtful, and dedicated Kelly is and how much of a positive impact she has made on the entire school. Kelly Brezoczky is humble and in no way will draw attention to herself for her time and talents she gives so graciously every day. Kelly's gifts benefit everyone in the school community and, for all she has given us, we are truly grateful.

Sarah HungBoundless Energy are the first words that come to mind when thinking about all that Mrs. Sarah Hung has done for our school and students in the last 8 or so years. She is the first to arrive, the last to leave, and often the one doing work behind the scenes that most will never see, but hundreds will benefit. Mrs. Hung doesn’t talk the talk, she walks the walk.

In our Music Department, Mrs. Hung often will think of possible needs or obstacles we haven’t even considered. At the same time, she is always understanding, respectful, and supportive of the work we do in the classroom and offers to take on tasks that help pave a path to excellence by taking on work that allows us to give our best to our students.

To say Mrs. Hung is organized is an understatement. She has organized countless concert receptions with hundreds of parents, dealt with behind the scenes logistics, managed trip accounting, and facilitated volunteerism. When she works with other parents, her enthusiasm and positive nature are contagious. She finds the positive in every situation, and when times get tough, she seems to miraculously show up with a positive word or her contagious laugh. Takako Hasegawa writes, “..she is the most reliable and trusted parent volunteer I know, and I love working with her.” This sentiment is shared by all in the SHS Music Department.