Dear Members of the Los Gatos - Saratoga Union High School District Community, Mike Grove

On an annual basis, our Board of Trustees evaluates my performance as Superintendent and, as part of this process, we work collaboratively to identify goals for my work. While my evaluation is based on a wide variety of criteria beyond these goals, the goals are intended to indicate my priorities for the given school year. The goals are not intended to be a laundry list of everything I do in my role, rather, they are intended to provide focus for the work that the Board and I agree is of the greatest importance at this time. I met with the Board to establish the goals that will focus my work between now and June and I want to share those goals with all of you because I believe it is important for me to provide clarity on my priorities and I also want to model my approach to evaluation processes. I believe that, in most cases, goal-setting and evaluation are about growth toward important outcomes, not about judgment or coercion. Given this context, please see below the goal statements upon which the Board and I have agreed.


Goal #1: Engage the broader LGS community through visibility in classrooms and school and community events, stakeholder engagement surveys, and student/parent/staff advisory groups in pursuit of two-way communication, authentic feedback, community support, and positive public relations.


Goal #2: Create an inclusive process by which the district’s Strategic Plan is updated resulting in a well-defined strategic vision for our district.


Goal #3: Develop a clear, concrete vision for how our district will seek to improve student learning – this will essentially outline a “district philosophy” regarding how we will work to improve student learning for all students over the long-term in a continuous improvement model.


Goal #4: In collaboration with the Board of Trustees, develop a long-term plan for ongoing Board and Superintendent education and development to ensure that the Board remains informed on relevant topics and to ensure high quality, professional governance of our district.