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Dear LGSUHSD Families,
The unrest and violence that occurred in our nation's capital today can confuse and frighten students who may feel in danger or worry that their community, friends or loved-ones are at risk. They will look to adults for information and guidance on how to react. 
Parents and guardians can help their child(ren) feel safe by establishing a sense of normalcy and security and talking with them about their fears. While not specific to today’s events, included here are some general guidelines for helping young people process similar situations.

  • Reassure children that they are safe. Emphasize that our schools and community are very safe. Validate their feelings. Explain that all feelings are okay when something so unsettling occurs. Let children talk about their feelings, help put them into perspective, and assist them in expressing these feelings appropriately.
  • Make time to talk. Let their questions be your guide as to how much information to provide. Be patient; children do not always talk about their feelings readily. Watch for clues that they may want to talk, such as hovering around while you do the dishes or yard work. Some children prefer writing, playing music, or doing an art project as an outlet. 
  • Review safety procedures. This should include procedures and safeguards at school and at home. Help children identify at least one adult at school and in the community to whom they go if they feel threatened or at risk.
  • Observe children’s emotional state. Some children may not express their concerns verbally. Changes in behavior, appetite, and sleep patterns can also indicate a child’s level of anxiety or discomfort. In most children, these symptoms will ease with reassurance and time. However, some children may be at risk for more intense reactions. Children who have had a past traumatic experience or personal loss, suffer from depression or other mental illness, or with special needs may be at greater risk for severe reactions than others. Please use the following link to make a referral for mental health services via CASSY if your concerns persist. CASSY Referral
  • Engage with your children as they are consuming television and social media coverage of these events. Adults also need to be mindful of the content of conversations that they have with each other in front of children and limit their exposure to vengeful, hateful, and angry comments that might be misunderstood.
  • Maintain a normal routine. Keeping to a regular schedule can be reassuring and promote physical health. Ensure that children get plenty of sleep, regular meals, and exercise. Encourage them to keep up with their schoolwork and physical activity but don’t push them if they seem overwhelmed.
    Source: National Association of School Psychologists


Mike Grove


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