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Superintendent Update, November 20, 2020
TOWN HALL RECORDING October 15, 2020

Dear LGSUHSD Families,
I recently sent you message regarding two significant social movements in our community - one related to racism and discrimination and the other, a MeToo movement related to sexual harassment and assault. In that message, I shared our commitment to addressing discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, and bullying in our schools and community including both immediate steps and long-term we have and will take to enhance school and district efforts and policies to address these unacceptable issues. 
One initial step is the introduction of WeTip, a nationwide crime reporting system that ensuresWeTip Sexual Harassment sticker absolute anonymity, not just confidentiality. WeTip provides toll free hotlines and internet lines 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year. Once a report is filed, WeTip will contact our Student Services Department with the specifics of the incident. The Student Services Department will then work with site administrators, counselors and other relevant school staff to, when appropriate: heighten awareness, increase adult supervision, provide counseling support, and/or intervene with disciplinary action as appropriate.  We still encourage students and parents to contact school staff directly to report inappropriate because this reporting typically provides us with more detailed and helpful information, but we also know that bystanders often fail to get involved because they are not sure what to do, are afraid of retaliation and concerned that they will become ostracized, or don’t think adults will help. Through WeTip, the anonymity of the person reporting is maintained and the subsequent investigation conducted thoroughly.   
To learn more about WeTip, you can go to    To submit a report/tip, you can go to
We are committed to doing our best to prevent inappropriate behavior in our school community, to quickly and firmly addressing such behaviors when they do arise, and to supporting the victims of such behavior. We believe WeTip can be a valuable tool in accomplishing this goal.
In appreciation of your support and partnership,
Michael Grove,Superintendent

Racism Has No Place Here!

We have all been saddened and angered by the recent events in our nation that have highlighted the injustices in our country and the racial inequity they represent. It has caused all of us, including me, to reflect upon the state of our nation and our local community with regard to racial equity. These events and consequent conversations in which I have engaged, have prompted me to think more deeply about what I, personally, and what our school district can and should do to prevent and respond to injustice.   Read the full text of this important message here. And, if you were unable to attend the June 11th Webinar for students, families and staff - Empowering Students - to Recognize, Interrupt and Repair Injustice, please click here - an incredible dialogue and powerful starting point.

Mike Grove


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